Partial ​Client List:

Phenomenal Products

Howard Partridge Roundtables

University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business

Habitude Warrior Conference

Shell Oil Inc.

National Exchange Club

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization

Women's Empowerment Conference

Carpet One

SHAPE - Society for Heat Attack Prevention and Eradication

The MET - Houston, TX.

Mohawk Industries

Reddy Cardiac Wellness

Houston Wellness Association

West Houston Chamber of Commerce

Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce

Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce 

 Speaking Topics:

How to Read People -  a fun and enlightening event you will be able to utilize the information you learned for the rest of your life.  Are you aware there are over 7 million body messages to read within a 30 minute conversation between two people?  Imagine having a tremendous advantage and a competitive edge if you knew how to read and interpret hidden messages sent through nonverbal and verbal communications.  Reading people is a must in the art of sales, negotiations, leading or managing people, building and maintaining a relationship, and parenting. 

Life and work become easier and more successful when you learn the art of "How to Read People".

Communication, the Number One Problem in All Businesses -   a highly interactive session designed to increase your overall communication skills for yourself or your entire team.  The session / workshop covers: Nonverbal Influence / Body Language, Verbal Influence, and Written Communication Influence.  You will learn how to provide complete clarity through your own enhanced communications and be able to read others and have a better clarity of what people are really saying.  Learn to step up your presentations, negotiation skills, provide crystal clear directives or instructions. This seminar is ideal for all leaders, managers, sales people, realtors, attorneys, or anyone who relies on highly skilled communications.

7 Winning Habits to Increase Intelligence and Energy Throughout the Entire Day - an interactive and demanding session on how to increase your brain function and energy to become smarter and highly energetic each passing minute of the day.  Each day people show up for work and work themselves stupid.  Each day people show up for work and work themselves tired.  Most companies are going to sleep by 2pm each day.  How can we be efficient, productive, and competitive when we are moving in slow motion and asleep by 2pm?  In fact you are losing money when this happens in your company.  Learn how to raise the intelligence and energy of your people to add zip, spark and pizzazz to your company.  Let's get your people alert, productive, energetic, efficient, and cause your company to soar to higher levels. 

Leading With Nonverbal and Verbal Influence - learn how to read people, understand nonverbal signals, and how to use the proper words to influence.  These skills are essential in the art of negotiating, interviewing, reviewing, leading, selling, managing, customer service, speaking, listening, and raising your own consciousness of your nonverbal body language. This is a fun interactive session.  You will walk away with tremendous skills on how to read more than what people say or do.  

Add Zip, Spark and Pizzazz to Your Business to Accomplish Undeniable Successes - lead your company to cultures of energy, intelligence, and team support.  This session is fun, very interactive and you will walk away with an action plan to greatly energize your company to accomplish the successes you have always wanted.

5 Steps to Crystal Clear Communication - communication is the number one problem in business today.  Learn how to set a culture of crystal clear communication allowing your business to thrive and not get weighted down in the sea of misunderstandings. This session includes verbal, nonverbal, and written communication techniques that will free up your business for growth, profits, and an upbeat workforce.

The  Abundant Workforce -a highly interactive session on developing a workforce that provides exemplary servant leadership, crystal clear communication, abundant energy and brain function, team problem solving,  innovation and creative initiatives, proper work-live balance, and a team of workers who want to show up each day being the best they can possibly be.


Develop and Maintain Winning Habits to Allow Self-defeating Habits to Slip Away - a humorous session learning how to develop, embrace and maintain winning habits.  We must identify our self-defeating habits and continue to fill a funnel full of new winning habits to cause our self-defeating habits to slip away.  WARNING: This session causes unbelievable growth. 

Leading with Inspiration and Magnetism -an interactive session building leadership skills by enhancing verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills.  You will learn how deliver crystal clear communication to pull your people in and hold on to them causing employee retention, satisfaction, and a willingness to "want to" and not "have to".  This session is for building confident "Next Generation Leaders".

The Art of Self Awareness  - a session building awareness of our emotions, stress, appearance, voice dynamics, mental capacity, physical demands, temperament, and overall well being. This important session is highly interactive and the audience will leave with skills they wished they would have had for many years. 

Leading a Health and Peak Performance Initiative -many businesses have wellness programs that are under utilized, has a lack of participation, or never gets off the ground.  This session will teach you how to lead and build a culture of wellness to cause your company to sustain it's unstoppable energy throughout each and every day.  Wellness has to be led and not just provided.

The 360 Degree Abundant Executive - an interactive session for executives or people in line to become an executive, learning to enhance their leadership, communication, health, work-life balance, stress management, and behavior skills.  The audience will walk away knowing how to be a well-rounded leader with an added confidence, and new skills they cannot wait to start using.

Out of the Comfort Zone and In to the Success Zone -a humorous and interactive session learning the cause of your limiting comfort zones and how to step out and enjoy your journey to the success zone.  You will then learn how to sustain your success zone and not slip back in to the comfort zone. This fun program will cause your people to move forward and not slip back into the old self-defeating habits that drive you crazy.

​Mentally and Physically Fit for Work and Home - ​every day in our busy lives, we work ourselves tired, and every day in our busy lives we work ourselves stupid.  Learn to gain energy and intelligence as the day goes on and be able to have energy and superior brain function when we return to our families at the end of the work day.  This interactive session is fun, enlightening, and will provide the audience with incredible new skills.

The Art of a Successful Speaker - an extremely interactive session on how to write, outline, practice, warm-up, and deliver an exceptional speech.  You will learn how to develop all the speaking skills you need to speak from the stage with confidence and personality.  Speaking will help you build your business or organization and cause you to be known as the leader and industry expert. This session is a must for company's looking for additional ways to grow their business.