Kirby engages, challenges, and pulls his audience in like a giant magnet.  His warmth, energy, humor, and dynamic personality is contagious.  The audience will be inspired and challenged to take action and implement the information Kirby teaches right away to continue to build the value for themselves and the company.  Kirby knows you hire a great speaker to promote action, change, motivation, inspiration, and up-to-date information generating immediate success and growth.     

Kirby has demonstrated the ability to partner with key business, city, state, and national leaders to gain a focused initiative for improving the quality of business individuals, and families


Is a "Overcomer" 

Is a "Keynote Speaker" 

​​​​Kirby is a dynamic, passionate and caring professional, who seeks to make a positive difference in today's business climate by teaching people how to become a master communicator.  His credentials include over 1,000 appearances on many local and national television shows along with interviews on countless radio shows, plus hosting his own radio and television shows.  Kirby has more than 25 years of experience in coaching high level executives in leadership, management, sales, wellness, business strategy, and professional speaking.  His audiences call him an "Inspirtainer" and he shows up for life each day being the best he can possibly be. 

Is a "Leader" 

and maintains a positive spirit after surviving death, 40 major disasters in one year and many other life challenges.  He has a compelling and heart-felt story of struggle, devastation, disappointments, and how he overcame his life altering situations to reach triumph, success, and victory.  Kirby speaks from his heart and experiences to make a positive difference in the lives of each person and how to overcome and sustain a victorious career and life.

Mind, Body and Business "Building Next Generation Leaders" is your best strategy to grow and sustain a profitable business.  Learn to pull away from the rest of the pack and lead your business and industry to greater heights.  Step up and break out of the existing molds that are holding you back.  With a Mind, Body and Business strategy, you will provide more effective leadership by leading with an energetic, relaxed, confident, and well balanced you.  Envision your people giving you a standing ovation at the end of each day and wanting to follow your lead and encourage you to keep going with your Next Generation Leadership.  It's not just a dream, it's a reality if you desire.


Kirby is focused on increasing the quality of communication, performance, efficiency's, productivity, emotional intelligence, memory retention, brain function, prevention of disease, work-life balance, enhanced energy and providing a positive shift in culture behavior.  Kirby has chaired the Leadership Initiative Board for the University of Houston, Bauer College of Business, President for Memorial Houston Exchange Club, serves as Camp Supervisor and Board Vice President for "Champions Kids Camp", and accomplished Music Performer, Entertainer, Trainer and Keynote Speaker.    

Is a "Inspirtainer"