360 Degree Seminars are seminars covering Leadership, Business, Health and Life all rolled in to one seminar.  It is essential all communication factors are in balance and performed well to sustain a successful business, establish complete clarity, a clear understanding of others, and being able to show up each day being the best you can possibly be.


360 Degree Seminars are highly interactive, energetic and fun.  You will not receive repackaged information.  All of the content you will learn is current, refreshing and will enhance your talents and life.  Each audience member will walk away with valuable information and action plans to step up your communication skills to provide superior leadership, business, health and life.                                                                               

It's not just a seminar, it's an experience!



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Types of Seminars

Half Day Seminars 8:30am to 12pm

Full Day Seminars  8:30am to 4pm

The amount of people per seminar will vary:

Half Day Seminars will vary from 30 to 60 or sometime 100 people

Full Day Seminars will vary from 150 to 400 people

You would have a tremendous advantage if you just knew a few of these messages to observe.  Have you ever wanted to know what people are really thinking, are they not telling you the truth or whole story?  What is their body language saying and does it align with their verbal language?  How would you like to be able to look in to the eyes of a person and be able to know their mood, what they are thinking, how to properly connect with them or even what to say at the right time.  Reading people is a must in the art of sales, negotiations, leading or managing people, building and maintaining a relationship, and parenting.  

Life and work becomes easier and more successful when you learn the art of "How to Read People".

Kirby Lammers

Kirby Lammers 360 Degree Seminars