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Kirby Lammers is available for Keynote Speaking, Facilitating Breakout Sessions, Workshops, Events and Business Forums.  He draws his audience in like a giant magnet and demonstrates a high entertainment value.  His audiences call him an "Inspirtainer" and will inspire, entertain, and motivate your people with his dynamic and humorous personality, plus all of his sessions are highly interactive.  Kirby brings home the fact that his audiences MUST implement what they have learned immediately to add value to their business and personal lives.  He works well with meeting planners and loves to collaborate to deliver the appropriate information the company wants their people to learn.


Speaker and Executive Success Coach


Are you tired of learning the same old information over and over?  Many times when you hire a Keynote Speaker, you hear re-packaged information.  Kirby Lammers is committed to providing fresh, new, next generation information and techniques. Book Kirby Lammers today to learn new skills and information you have never been exposed to before. 

Kirby leads 360 Degree Seminars focusing on Leadership, Business, Communications, Health and Life.  Learning how  to communicate with yourself and people really well, will provide you the power and upper hand to connect and engage at your best every time.  Being able to read people through nonverbal communication and gaining the ability to influence others through  nonverbal communication is a huge plus for leaders, salespeople, negotiators, attorneys, or any type of occupation.  When mastering these communication skills, you will also enhance your ability to communicate well with your employees, customers, spouse, kids, family members and friends in a very special way to always deliver crystal clear communications that magnetize and influence.  

The time has come for businesses to increase efficiency's, enhance human behavior, reduce illness, disease and stress through effective communications  Most companies are going to sleep about 2:00pm in the afternoon and productivity takes a nose dive.  Mistake ratios are too high and employee morale is at an all time low due to improper cortisol levels draining your workforce and not enough endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine releasing chemicals to the brain to develop proper brain function, motor skills, energy, and enhanced moods.  Together, let's raise the bar to energize the workforce, strengthen your business, increase morale, produce passion and purpose, provide sustainable motivation, reduce employee turnover, build a culture for prevention of disease and illnesses, and gain an industry edge to become more profitable and to be known as the leader in your industry.

Kirby is available to speak at your conference or invite him to train your organization onsite for a full day workshop.                                                                                     
Add Zip, Spark, and Pizzazz to Your Conference, Workshops and Training